AI Governance:
Trends in Regulation, Soft Governance, and Industry Initiatives

A Conversation with Kay Firth-Butterfield,
World Economic Forum

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Due to an emergency, this May 5th webinar will be rescheduled.
Please feel free to register, and we will notify you of the new date.


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This May 5th webinar will be rescheduled. Please feel free to register and we will notify you of the new date.

Are you ready for where AI is going?

Kay Firth-Butterfield is Head of Artificial Intelligence and a member of the Executive Committee at the World Economic Forum. One of the foremost experts in the world on the governance of artificial intelligence (AI), Kay is a barrister, former judge and professor, technologist, and entrepreneur who has an abiding interest in how humanity can equitably benefit from new technologies, especially AI.

In this discussion with Shameek Kundu, TruEra's Chief Strategy Officer, Kay Firth-Butterfield will share her thoughts on emerging practices around AI governance around the world, and the roles that corporations, technology firms and other stakeholders can play in enabling the safe and responsible use of AI. The discussion will cover both formal regulation, such as those proposed in the European Union, as well as “soft governance,” such as industry-level initiatives to define common standards. Finally, the discussion will cover the emerging roles of tools and external certification/auditing in ensuring sustainability.

Join this live webinar on May 5th at 9AM Pacific/Noon Eastern Time and you will:

  • Hear about the latest trends and regulatory concerns regarding AI governance
  • Learn how future AI regulation may affect your industry or AI use case
  • Gain insight to position your organization for best advantage in the emerging AI environment

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Shameek Kundu
Chief Strategy Officer


Kay Firth-Butterfield
Head of Artificial Intelligence
World Economic Forum


Register for the future webinar: date TBD

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