Testing and Monitoring Large Language Models (LLMs)

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For data scientists, ML engineers and AI practitioners


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How can you ensure that your model is honest, harmless, and helpful?

View this recorded workshop where TruEra’s President and Chief Scientist, Anupam Datta, provides a hands-on overview of how to analyze and improve the performance of your LLMs.
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During the two 60-minute recorded sessions, we cover:

  • Quick introduction to LLMs - what are they and what is their history?
  • Risks and challenges of LLMs: is your LLM honest, harmless, and helpful?
  • Defining feedback functions to model LLM quality and performance
  • How should you test and monitor LLMs?
  • Live walk-throughs of how to identify, diagnose, and debug model issues in development and production
  • Q&A with Professor Datta

How to join

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Anupam_Datta 1

Anupam Datta

President and Chief Scientist


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Shayak Sen



Josh Reini 1 round

Josh Reini

Data Scientist Developer Relations


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About TruEra

TruEra provides AI Quality solutions that analyze machine learning, drive model quality improvements, and build trust. Powered by enterprise-class Artificial Intelligence (AI) Explainability technology based on six years of research at Carnegie Mellon University, TruEra’s suite of solutions provides much-needed model transparency and analytics that drive high model quality and overall acceptance, address unfair bias, and ensure governance and compliance.

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