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AI Quality Workshop

How to Test and Debug ML Models
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Self-paced online course for data scientists, ML engineers, and AI practitioners.

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Supercharge your ability to drive ML performance with ML testing, drift detection, debugging, and AI bias minimization.

Are you an ML practitioner interested in learning more about how to analyze and improve the performance and trustworthiness of your machine learning models? This course is for you. AI Quality: How to Test and Debug ML Models is a hands-on course for practitioners, taught by experts from leading universities. Each module covers the essentials of a key topic for managing machine learning models.

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Praise from prior students


"This is what you would pay thousands of dollars for at a university."
- Mike


"Thank you so very much, I learned a ton. Great job."
- K.M.


"Excellent course!!! Super thanks to Prefessor Datta."


"Fantastic series. Great explanations and great product. Thank you. 
- Santosh

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In this course, you will learn:

  • ML Explainability  - How do you explain model predictions? What are best practices for local and global explanations, and conceptual soundness assessment? Which methods are most appropriate for various use cases?
  • Accuracy and Performance Debugging - How can you systematically analyze model accuracy? How can you rapidly identify model errors  to drive improvements? 
  • Model Drift - Does your production model need to be refreshed? How do you measure model score and data drift on an ongoing basis? How can you understand the root causes of drift, and debug your models in a directed way? 
  • Fairness  - How can you ensure that your models are set up to be fair and compliant, and remain fair over time? What are best practices for choosing fairness metrics, understanding root causes and mitigating fairness gaps, leveraging humans in the loop.
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What you get:

  • A self-paced course on Udemy taught by leading experts in AI Quality and machine learning effectiveness. Register today and start the course at any time! 
  • Free use of TruEra testing and debugging software for the duration of the course.
  • Access to a community filled with peers tackling real-world projects
  • Course certificate, upon completion of all exercises and quizzes

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Course testimonials quoted above are from a prior, live online version of the course from 2022 and early 2023. The Udemy course contains updated content from that prior course.

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Anupam Datta


Carnegie Mellon University

Shayak Sen


Carnegie Mellon University

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About TruEra

TruEra provides AI Observability solutions for monitoring, debugging, and testing ML models. Powered by enterprise-class Artificial Intelligence (AI) Explainability technology based on six years of research at Carnegie Mellon University, TruEra’s suite of solutions provides much-needed model transparency and analytics that drive high model quality and overall acceptance, address unfair bias, and ensure governance and compliance.

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